RAUN’s business changes the future.

It is an Imprint technology that applies UV Resin, which is cured by ultraviolet rays, to a master mold (frame) with a specific shape and replicates the shape to film or various specimens.
OCA Film
We have OCA Film Mold technology, which enables various colors and patterns to be applied to smart devices, and it is superior in all fields including self-design, development and master mold.
Soft Mold
It is possible to realize various pattern shapes such as Spin, Hair Line, Brush, etc. with its own manufacturing mold technology of more than 400mm and it is possible to produce different pattern for each Cavity according to the arrangement.
Deco Film
The film is made of special design and various colors using the films of the Enphra family such as polycarbonate and PET.
Mechanical Equipment
From UV plate hardner (LGF) & Rollstamping(Dot Pattern) toUV Molding & OCA Film and Deco Film, RAUN provides complete UV Total Solution from production to commercialization.
Light Guide Film

The Imprint method applies UV Resin, which is cured by ultraviolet rays, to a master mold (cast) with a specific shape, and replicates the shape to film or various specimens. In addition, it forms a DOT pattern on one side of the base film to be applied to an LCD light guide plate by using UV Resin corresponding to the product characteristic (optical characteristic, mechanical property). This creates a Tapered (Wedge) and Lenticular or V-cut microstructure on the opposite side to produce LGF, a core part of BLU(Back Light Unit) with LED incident structure.
In addition, compared to conventional injection LGP, the light efficiency and the characteristics are the same, but the slice and flexible characteristics are further improved. Due to the extremely low rate of mechanical defects, the need for high-quality parts is increasing.


Optical technology

Various pattern and differentiated design
Ultra-thin with UV Imprinting technology
Ability to produce LGF


LGF Soft Master production technology

LGF soft mold production technology for mass production
Soft Mold editing technology (Array)
Ability to produce Taper Slope Flexible according to angle shape
Ability to produce Tapered and V-cut, Lenticular fine pattern shapes


UV molding technology

Production technology according to product Spec
(Uniformity of thickness)
Resin based on base material
(PC, PMMA, MS material / Flexible)
Inventory risk reduction due to ability to small quantity production
Excellent quality due to UV Imprinting process
(Friability, hardenability, reproducibility)
Process optimization due to years of production technology


Roll Stamping Production Technology

Implementation of thin-film characteristics by engraving / embossing fine Dot Pattern formation
(Luminance and uniformity)
Excellent productivity (reproducibility and thickness production)
Reduce development cost due to short development lead-time
Large inch production is possible
(5” ~55”)

OCA Film


UV OCA molding made by using special UV Resin developed by RAUN passes various reliability tests.



We do UV OCA molding, which preserves the optical properties of high transmittance and hardness of Window & Back Cover Glass.



With RAUN’s own soft mold technology, Multi Pattern is possible and also 2D and 3D pattern can be produced.



UV Molding, The processed OCA can be applied with vacuum multi-layer deposition to express a classy metallic texture.

Soft Mold

It is possible to realize various pattern shapes such as Spin, Hair Line, and Brush by using self-manufacturing mold technology of more than 400mm, and it is possible to produce different patterns for each cavity according to the arrangement.
This technology is possible because it is backed up by accumulated mold editing technology accumulated over many years, and it has a quality mold that is superior to other products, and has a soft mold that is highly recognized in terms of productivity and quality of customers.


PR (Photo Resister)

Photolithography Spin Coater, developed by RAUN, uses the photosensitive resin to directly design patterns desired by customers.



By applying the diffraction of light, various deep Patterns such as Lanticula and Prism are processed into the design of the customer’s choice.



We produce 6 arrays, 8 arrays, 10 arrays of Masks to produce the softmold with no defects.



Softmold and RAUN’s editing technology of one array completes the desired arrangement within 0.03mm tolerance.

Deco Film

It is a decorative film that can be produced in various colors and unique pattern that can move the eyes and mind of the customers.
RAUN has superior durability than other materials by using Polycarbonate material and Enfra type film such as PET. It has high gloss UV coating and it has no problem of handling such as scratching, and it is clean and beautiful in appearance.
We are doing steady product research through basic UV molding technology and various pattern designs, and doing overtime work to implement new design.
For RAUN, design is a product and competitive!




IT Home Appliances

Various patterns can be processed in base film (PE, PC, etc.).
It will be a special solution for products which need the diversity of pattern design.



It is a high quality Deco Film which can satisfy the pattern shape and color that the customers want to make more gorgeously and more delicately.