RAUN thinks about vision and value first.


A new idea for the future

RAUN is a new concept display development and production company with leading experts on UV Solution.
It has led the UV Imprint market with 10 years of experience.
With leading technology and know-how, we have led the development with many domestic and overseas clients and we will become a partner to design the future with you based on our experience of producing products.
RAUN is committed to honest management by caring for its customers, always accepting customer needs, always doing its best to satisfy customers, and aiming to improve the quality.

Numerous experiences
RAUN has done so much so far.
The experiences in the past broaden the customer's thinking.
Various Abilities and UV Patterns
Sometimes many ideas for design and development processes make us hard.
Take full advantage of RAUN's abilities.
Eyes reading trend
There are too many new and different technologies.
We will only concentrate on development. However, RAUN does not stop.
Futile interest
Why you need, which one is good, how to make it ...
Your thoughts! RAUN will care about it more.

INOVO is a specialist in UV Molding related development and production.
We show UV molding products leading the trend by various development project experience
and production method.
We specialize in developing / producing Imprint type light guide plate, window, back cover,
soft mold, UV production equipment.
Be with RAUN.
RAUN always trying to show you what your company thinks is more than that.

Year 2016

INOVO Co., Ltd.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Window Softmold
Samsung Galaxy S6 Back Cover Softmold
Samsung Galaxy Note5 Back Cover Softmold
Samsung Galaxy Note6 Back Cover Softmold
ASUS ZF3, LEO, Taurus Softmold, etc.

Year 2017

Huawei Honor8 Back cover softmold
Huawei P9 Back cover softmold
Patent registration of light guide plate
(Patent No. 10-1685055)
Patent registration of light guide plate
(Patent No. 10-1653749)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Back Cover Softmold
Registered as a partner of LG Display
Mass production of bHP 13.3 inch LGF
Excellent enterprise certification on Nice technology evaluation, etc.

Year 2018

Patent registration of light guide panel
(Patent No. 10-1653752)
Patent registration of light guide plate
(Patent No. 10-1653745)
LG Judy Backcover Softmold
Patent registration of Softmold editing method
(Patent No. 10-1844973)
Developed Samsung Prism Pattern
Developed LG Display 13.0 inch LGF
OPPO C3 Back cover Softmold and others
Venture company registration, etc.

Year 2018

Huawei Mate 20PRO mass production
Huawei Nova 4 mass production
Development of a Design-Build for Huawei P30
Cosmetics Facts nameplate business development
Development and Production of Eco Soul for Korean Cosmetics
Development and Mass-production of Enprani HolikaHolika Hardcover
Mass production of Clio Fact hardcover
Transfer of head office & factory
2019 Frontier Venture Selection
Sign up for membership of the Korea International Trade Association
Corporate name change & CEO change
Corp.RAUN Jeong Gwanggyo

Why choose us

Our pride in new technologies and results makes good quality products.

Mold making technology
- Hard mold
- UV Soft mold
- Wedge mold
OCA molding technology
- UV Pattern
- UV Wedge LGF
- Deco Sheet
Optical design
- Light Guide Film
- Brightness control
- Uniformity control
Automation equipment
- Index M/C
- Roll Stamping M/C
- Automations M/C
Processing facility
- Thomsonpress
- guidehole punching machine
- Forming machine
Printing facility
- Screen printing machine
- IR machine
- Box oven
our process

Definitions of worthwhile things are not different.

01. Received development model
- Customer
- Development concept drawing
02. Drawing design
- Development drawing
- Specifications
- (Production) Schedule consultation
03. Prototype
- Design Check
- Preliminary Check
- Product and process improvement
04. Completes product
- Confirm drawing and specifications
- Product and process optimization
- Confirm SCM
- Customer approval process
05. Initial mass production
- Check production yield rate
- Final preparation for mass production
06. Mass production
- Production of high quality products
- Compliance with delivery schedule
- Customer satisfaction

I hope that more companies will choose us.